Siobhan Davies, Artistic Director (LCDS)

Barely Methodical Troupe (National Centre)

Olivia Colman, Actor (BOVTS)

Akram Khan, Artistic Director & Choreographer (NSCD)

Dane Hurst, Dancer & Choreographer (Rambert/CSB)

Jonzi D, Artistic Director (LCDS)

Tamsin Fitzgerald, Choreographer & Artistic Director (NSCD)

Sharon Watson, Phoenix Dance Theatre (LCDS)

Daniel Day-Lewis, Actor (BOVTS)

Richard Alston, Artistic Director & Choreographer (LCDS)

Jonathan Goddard, Dancer & Choreographer (Rambert)

Sarah Kundi, Dancer (CSB)
ENB profile

Silver Lining (National Centre)

Patrick Stewart, Actor (BOVTS)

Paul Chantry, Dancer & Artistic Director (CSB)

Alula, Cyr Wheel (National Centre)

Pearl Mackie, Actor (BOVTS)

Carlos Pons Guerra, Choreographer (NSCD)

Naomie Harris, Actor (BOVTS)

Liam Riddick, Dancer (LCDS)

Hannah Bateman, Dancer (CSB)

Christopher Bruce, Choreographer (Rambert)

Kenneth Tindall, Choreographer (CSB)

A graduate from Central School of Ballet is a valuable asset in any company for they have already experienced life as a professional dancer by touring with Ballet Central. I have had the pleasure of working with many highly talented graduates of Central School of Ballet, indeed.

Matthew Bourne OBE
Artistic Director, New Adventures

The Conservatoire schools are invaluable to our industry, as demonstrated in no small part by the consistency with which we at the RSC audition and employ actors from BOVTS, RADA and LAMDA. The training equips them for a range of work in order for these actors to be able to work across all art forms at the very highest level.

Hannah Miller
Head of Casting, RSC

As the Artistic Director of Rambert it has been my great pleasure to enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Rambert School. They have allowed me frequent visits to work there, researching and devising work for both the School and my company.

Mark Baldwin
Artistic Director, Rambert Dance Company

Without LAMDA the industry would be poorer.

Jim Broadbent
Actor and LAMDA Alumnus

My RADA training is the bedrock of my acting life. It allows me to change from one kind of person to another. There is not a job goes by when I do not rely on it.

Fiona Shaw
Acting Graduate 1982, RADA

The circus and me, or me and the Circus? Hard training, constant effort, pain, and at the end satisfaction and happiness. Circus is my body combined with my imagination and creativity.

Marcella Manzini
Circus Arts graduate

I feel that Rambert School instilled a certain mentality in me as an artist. That to be a successful dancer, you must go beyond what you may think is good enough. You have to be an intelligent dancer, someone with diligence, determination, persistence and a certain understanding of who you are as an artist or who you would like to be.

Chloe Leong
Sydney Dance Company