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Image: Camilla Greenwell


Kevin Edward Turner and Darcey Bussell

NSCD alumni Company Chameleon feature in BBC Two’s Dancing to Happiness with Darcey Bussell

Company Chameleon, founded by Northern School of Contemporary Dance alumni Kevin Edward Turner and Anthony Missen, featured in a new BBC Two documentary with Dame Darcey Bussell which was broadcast last Saturday 1 December.

The one-off documentary titled ‘Darcey Bussell: Dancing to Happiness’ and directed by Pamela Gordon, investigates why dance, more than any other form of exercise, has such a positive effect on mood and behaviour.

In her quest for answers, Darcey visits Company Chameleon and follows Kevin Edward Turner as he leads a series of workshops with young people from mental health charity, 42nd Street.

Kevin said, “I’m a great believer in the power of dance, as I know how it has helped me in my life, specifically in relation to my own experience with bi-polar disorder. In this project with 42nd Street, young people who are struggling with their mental health, were given the space and opportunity to explore their own challenges and feelings through dance and movement.

Over six-weeks of workshops, Darcey came in and observed the project and the creative process as it unfolded. She questioned me and the young people, commented on the process and gave her feedback and some really lovely insights to the group. She was full of curiosity and respect and her presence created a positive energy in the room.”

You can watch the programme on BBC iPlayer here.


[Image: Company Chameleon Co-Artistic Director Kevin Edward Turner and Darcey Bussell]