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Student queries regarding tuition fees (including refund queries)

During the current Covid19 pandemic, the Conservatoire and its Member Schools, along with other higher education providers, are having to make adjustments to the way in which our programmes of study are normally delivered, to ensure continuation of delivery.

We understand that students will have queries about changes to the planned delivery of their programmes, and we ask you to bear with your School whilst we plan and provide alternative delivery.

In the meantime, specific queries regarding fees or refunds should be addressed to the Conservatoire, rather than the School, at

Other queries regarding your programme of study should be addressed directly to your School – if you are not sure to whom you should address such queries in the first instance, get in contact with the named School contact listed on this page of the Conservatoire’s website:

For complaints that do not fall within the scope of queries/issues regarding fees and refunds, the Student Complaints Procedure should be used as follows:

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