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Statement on future direction for CDD

Recent changes in the higher education landscape have fundamentally altered the dynamics between the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (CDD) and its six Member Schools.  Having reflected carefully on the implications of these changes and the opportunities that they present for the member schools, it has become clear to all that it is most desirable for the schools to pursue independent pathways.  The CDD and the member schools are now working closely with each other and the Office for Students (OfSto set each on its own path and to perform an orderly wind-down of the CDD no later than July 2023. 

CDD will be managing this time of change with a new Chair, Julian Roskill, who was appointed from the 1st January 2021 having served previously as Senior Independent Governor on the CDD Board.  Julian Roskill commented: “I am very much looking forward to guiding the organisation and its schools through to pastures new.  Working together with the OfS, our priority will remain to deliver the highest quality conservatoire and degree level training to our students for their forthcoming careers and for the artistic, cultural, and economic benefit of the UK.  We aim also to ensure complete continuity for students so that these changes are not noticeable to their experience.” 

As part of this time of change, David Ruebain, CEO of CDD, will be leaving the CDD by the end of March.  David Ruebain said: “It has been a great privilege to lead the CDD, but it is clear that the significant changes in higher education enabled its member schools to envision independent existences and that it no longer serves for them the vital purpose that it once did.  Nobody should be more adaptive to change than those of us in the creative arts and I wish our schools and students well in their futures as they prepare to capitalise upon the prospects open to each of them.”  

For media enquiries please contact Emma Swift, Conservatoire Secretary:
020 8150 5511  


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