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Image: Rambert School

Strategic Plan 2019-24

In 2021 the Conservatoire will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. The Strategic Plan for 2019-24 aims to secure the institution’s future as it looks ahead to the next twenty years.

You can view or download the Conservatoire’s Strategic Plan via the link to the left:

The Conservatoire’s vision is to be a focus and catalyst for world-leading performing arts practice and education.

The Conservatoire’s mission is to grow, support and champion world-leading performing arts practitioners through specialist conservatoire education which is accessible to students from all backgrounds.

Summary of Strategic Aims

The plan constitutes five strategic plans for the plan period and a number of specific objectives. Our aims are summarised below:


Our first strategic aim is to enable a diverse body of students to benefit from the opportunities we provide and to deliver an exceptional student experience.

Our students will remain at the centre of our mission and, through a conservatoire education, will continue to thrive and succeed in the performing arts professions.

Ensuring the student experience remains true to a conservatoire ethos means taking a holistic view of the student journey, from pre-vocational provision through to entering the profession.

Our second strategic aim is to promote excellence and innovation in conservatoire training.

We will attain taught-degree awarding powers (TDAP), imperative to maintaining the Conservatoire’s status as a world-leading provider of specialist education and training.

We will add value to research, teaching, and knowledge exchange, and support world-leading quality.

Our third strategic aim is to strengthen and celebrate our partnership working.

We will build a strong and robust “centre” to support and enable autonomous member schools, maintaining their retention of identity, place, strength and context.

We will ensure that staff are appropriately supported, qualified and developed to deliver the institution’s strategic objectives.

Our fourth strategic aim is to build a robust and sustainable model for future delivery.

We will develop and evolve the Conservatoire’s governance arrangements.

We will develop a robust financial strategy and revised funding model for the Conservatoire which underpins the schools’ plans for long-term business development, income generation, fundraising and commercial activities, and considers options for leveraging additional income at an institutional level.

We will articulate and advocate the case for our schools, the benefits of a conservatoire education, and the performing arts.

Our fifth strategic aim is to widen our reach and offer as a national conservatoire.

We will grow through expanding our partnerships and affiliations, and to develop as a national conservatoire, encouraging multi-site, multi-media and multi-disciplinary collaboration within and without the Conservatoire.

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