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National Centre for Circus Arts

Image: Bertil Nilsson


23/07/2012 - 23/07/2012

LAMDA New Writing Symposium

Research and Knowledge Exchange

For many years LAMDA has offered writers and directors the chance to develop new plays with their students. More recently, they have broadened the scope of this work to also include short films. Remembrance of Things Past (NT), Mother Clap’s Molly House (NT), The Wonderful World of Dissocia (Royal Court) and Mixed Up North (Out of Joint and the Octagon Theatre Bolton) all started life in the rehearsal room at LAMDA. In July 2012, LAMDA held a New Writing Symposium exploring how drama schools can offer opportunities to create collaborations and develop new work.

Chaired by Sean Holmes (Artistic Director, Lyric Hammersmith), the panel included both established and emerging writers – Lisa Evans, Ella Hickson, Robin Soans, Tim Luscombe and Shaun Prendergast – alongside directors James Dacre, Gwenda Hughes, Natalie Ibu and Jessica Swale.

Guests attending the symposium were also invited to see LAMDA’s commissions for the 2011-12 academic year: Robin Soans’s One Turbulent Ambassador, Lisa Evan’s The Angel Tide, and Tim Luscombe’s The Second World.

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