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The Absence of Light

Image: Nicole Guarino


Northern School of Contemporary Dance

09/06/2017 - 09/06/2017


NSCD | Dance

Riley Theatre, Northern School of Contemporary Dance

After their heady 18 venue tour around the UK and Europe, VERVE presents a homecoming performance of four distinct dance works choreographed by international artists James Cousins, Carlos Pons Guerra, Leila McMillan and Matthias Sperling.

Performed by a company of eleven dancers trained at some of the world’s leading conservatoires, the work is physically daring and thought provoking.

Carlos Pons Guerra’s Rita is a raucous, full company work inspired by the vestal world of nunneries. What happens when our innate desires are denied expression? Leila McMillan tackles the continuous cycle of destruction and repair that characterises our lives, tapping into the visceral physicality of the dancers with her work Continuum. Hypnotic and ambiguous, Matthias Sperling’s Soft Power Generator asks: What if movement can generate our future? What future do we need? Finally James CousinsA Fable of Our Time explores the physical and metaphorical borders societies continue to build. With full bodied physicality and intimate duets, VERVE’s eleven dancers question our precarious dualistic existence.