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The Absence of Light

Image: Nicole Guarino


RADA Strange Orchestra

01/06/2017 - 10/06/2017

RADA: Strange Orchestra

RADA | Drama

RADA Theatres, Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre

written by Rodney Ackland
directed by Annie Tyson
designed by Baska Wesolowska

In a ramshackle Chelsea flat Bohemian landlady Vera Lyndon presides over her lodgers, a group of chronically hard-up young people with aspirations to art, literature, and in some cases sex. Uncertain of their jobs and dreaming of recognition they quarrel, make love, behave abominably, perform deeds of unselfish heroism and dance to the gramophone. The arrival of a charming and charismatic artist adds another dangerous dynamic to the chaos.

Last revived professionally at the Orange Tree in 2004, Rodney Ackland’s Strange Orchestra was the first modern play to be directed by John Gielgud in 1932. Eighty five years on, its portrayal of youth, frustrated, uneasy and somehow cut adrift, strikes a familiar chord.