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Film still from Indivisible by Sze-Wei Chan

Screendance – MA

This trailblazing MA* programme subjects dance filmmaking to critical investigation while exploring the intersections between choreography and moving image. It will test and challenge your individual practice, bringing it into a contemporary critical context, encourage you to foster your professional connections in the industry and develop your understanding of programming and curation.

As the only Masters in the world that currently specialises in Screendance, the programme is open to applicants from all corners of the world and will, as such, present you with the opportunity to lead and shape this flourishing art form.

London Contemporary Dance School places a strong emphasis on creating a community of learning and on learner-centered teaching, particularly in seminars and personal tutorials based on your ideas, interests, skills and artistic practice.

Screendance has wealth of history in the UK and, as a London Contemporary Dance School student, you will be part of the creative powerhouse for dance development, The Place.

Modules are designed to provide an individual learning experience which focuses on your own artistic practice, within a critical, contextual, technical and professional development framework.

For full course details please visit the school website.

*the programme will only run with a minimum number of students



Awarding body

University of Kent

School contact details

London Contemporary Dance School
The Place
17 Duke’s Road
London WC1H 9PY

Tel +44 (0)20 7121 1111





All applications are direct to the school. For more information on the application process visit how to apply.