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Central School of Ballet

Image: Drew Forsyth

Staff Resources

In this section you will find the following resources for staff:

Student visa compliance

Daily Covid19 reporting to OfS Guidance note


CDD Contextual Admissions Framework

Learning and Teaching

Consumer Law Handbook

CDD Equality Impact Assessment Template

Student visa compliance

On 5 October 2020 Tier 4 (General) immigration permission was re-named Student immigration permission, and Tier 4 (Child) became Child Student. All new applications are now under this new Student route, including European Economic Area nationals who will be entering the UK for studies from 1 January 2021 .

Covid reporting to OfS

Below you will find a guidance note on daily Covid reporting to OfS:

Guidance note (Word)

Guidance note (pdf)




All staff at the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama and staff in the Conservatoire Schools can now access free online support with Togetherall. Whether you’re suffering from work-related stress, are struggling to sleep or simply need someone to talk to, Togetherall can help you get support, take control and feel better.

You can get things off your chest, express yourself creatively, and access a library of self-care resources, including clinical tests, tips and guided group courses with topics ranging from Managing Stress & Anxiety to Quitting Smoking. Trained counsellors are online 24/7 to keep all members safe and provide extra support. Togetherall can help you with adopting useful coping strategies and behaviours to improve your experience at work.

Togetherall is completely anonymous, so no one needs to know you are using the service unless you tell them.

To join us, simply go to and sign up under ‘organisation’ with your staff e-mail address.

Togetherall resources for student support staffExpand Question

Framework for Contextual Admissions

In this section you will find details of the Conservatoire Framework for Contextual Admissions:

Framework for Contextual Admissions Expand Question

Learning and Teaching

In this section you will find staff resources for learning and teaching.

Learning, Teaching and Assessment StrategyExpand Question

The Conservatoire’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy (LTAS) for 2019-24

LTAS 2019-24

Level Descriptors

Grade Descriptors

Matrix of assessment types

Good Practice Guide to Inclusive TeachingExpand Question
LTQAC Seminar - Peer and Self-AssessmentExpand Question

A Learning and Teaching Seminar delivered by Baptiste Bourgougnon Head of Technique and Performance, London Contemporary Dance School, in May 2019

LTQAC Learning & Teaching Seminar: Peer and Self-Assessment

Covid-19: Guidance on Exceptional Measures for Assuring Academic AttainmentExpand Question
Curriculum Decolonisation Expand Question

Under the Inclusivity Policy and Protocol: Tackling Racial Inequality, CDD have developed a resource to help you in the process of decolonising our curricula and institutions. This can be found on the Inclusivity Policy and Protocol: Tackling Racial Inequality section on our student-related policy page.

Consumer Law Handbook

CDD Equality Impact Assessment Template

The CDD Equality Impact Assessment Template can be downloaded from the sidebar of our Equality and Diversity page.

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