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TOTUM card

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How to access a TOTUM CARD if you are a student of the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

TOTUM is the new name for the NUS card, giving you a multitude of student discounts, offers and vouchers! If you are a student registered with the Conservatoire and you wish to purchase a TOTUM card, simply follow the steps below:

Step one:
Students who wish to purchase a TOTUM card must contact the Conservatoire’s Quality Office at to request a TOTUM voucher code.

Step two:
Go to

Step three:
Enter your School email address twice.

Step four:
Enter your personal details.

Step five:
There is no need to enter your place of study. Skip the section where you enter your place of study (as neither the Conservatoire nor their School will be listed) and head straight to the ‘I have a voucher code’ option. Paste the code you have obtained from the Conservatoire Quality Office into the box.

Step six:
Select which bundle you would like. Enter your payment method and select delivery address. We recommend students enter their School address for delivery of the card to ensure they receive it as swiftly as possible. Once the order has been placed the cards will be issued directly to the address you have entered.