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Student Support

In this section you will find guidelines and resources relating to student support.

Promoting mental health and wellbeing

In this section you can find organisations offering online support, resources and self-help information. You can also view our guidelines for supporting students with mental health difficulties, including our leaflets for staff and students.

Contact details for organisations offering online support, resources and self-help information

CCI (Centre for Clinical Interventions)

Self Help workbooks:



Self-help online programme to alleviate depression, anxiety, social anxiety, relationship breakdown and loss & grief:


Get Self Help

Worksheets based on Cognitive Behavioural principles (CBT):



Online/phone app meditation (free trial of 10 sessions):


How to Meditate

Basic meditation techniques:



Free online support and counselling for young people up to 25:


Living life to the full

Online self-help strategies and courses:



Mark Williams ‘finding peace in a frantic world’:


Mindfulness for Students

Information about mindfulness and meditation exercises:


Mood GYM

Free interactive self-help program that provides cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) training:


NHS Choices

Information about a variety of things, including medication, mental health difficulties:


NHS Self Help Leaflets

A selection of NHS information leaflets:




Smiling Mind

Free mindfulness meditation (online and phone app):



Information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments:


Guidelines for supporting students with mental health difficulties
Staff leaflet: Guidance on supporting students showing signs of mental distress
Student leaflet: Do you know someone who is experiencing mental distress?
Responding to students with disordered eating

Inclusive practice and alternative assessment

Guidelines on Inclusive Practice and Alternative Forms of Assessment

Religion and Belief

This template policy provides guidance on how to meet the needs of students, with respect
to religion and belief.

Religion and Belief Policy

Care Leavers and Estranged Students

You can find information about support for care leavers and estranged students, including the care leaver and estranged student bursary, on this page.

Support for Disabled Students

You can find information about support for disabled students on this page.

Financial Support

You can find information about financial support for students on this page.