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Rambert School

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

About Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Rambert School dates from 1919 when its founder, Marie Rambert, first began teaching in London and it is now recognised as one of the world’s finest centres of professional dance education.

Uniquely in the UK, the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance treats these two dance genres equally. Providing an intensive dance training and a stimulating educational environment, Rambert enables talented students to fulfil their potential as expressive performers, creative artists and as human beings. Marie Rambert famously proclaimed that her School should not be a ‘sausage factory’, and this sentiment still holds true. Individuality continues to be highly valued and each student is nurtured and supported throughout their transition from dance student to professional, and often beyond.

Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance joined the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama in 2005. The School offers a Foundation Degree and a BA (Hons) in Ballet and Contemporary Dance. At postgraduate level, the School delivers an MA in Professional Dance Performance with Rambert Company as placement provider, and from 2020-21, a new MA in Dance Research for Professional Practitioners. 



Access for disabled people

The School welcomes applications from disabled people and offers places solely on the basis of potential and suitability for a career in any of the areas taught.

Some of the School premises are not accessible for wheelchair users. If you would like to discuss your access needs before applying, please contact Judy Bowden, Head of Admissions, Registry & Student Support on or call +44 (0) 208 892 9960.

Rambert School
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“As the Artistic Director of Rambert it has been my great pleasure to enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Rambert School. They have allowed me frequent visits to work there, researching and devising work for both the School and my company. We collaborated on Itzik Gallili’s work A Linha Curva, which toured with some of the students, and my Rite of Spring which the School performed at Sadler’s Wells before the main company as a curtain raiser. Our newest apprentice dancer Stephen Quildan (Rambert School, 2014) follows a string of young dancers we are very proud to have graduated from the Rambert School into the Rambert company. The appointment of Amanda Britton as the new head of the school draws the company even closer, allowing more prominent discourse, and furthering the development of the students as world class contemporary dancers.”

Mark Baldwin
Artistic Director, Rambert Dance Company

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“I arrived at the Rambert School from South Africa in 2003 and in 2004 was working for one of the top companies in Britain, Rambert Dance Company. When I look back I realise that there is not that much difference in the way the school functioned compared to the company. There is a rich and diverse family all working together to celebrate dance, music and one of the most important attributes within it, individuality. Choreography and performance formed a large part of my training alongside the dynamic classes and without this balance I don’t think I would have been ready to step out into the world as a Dancer. It is always exciting to go and see a Rambert School show, as there are new works by the dancers alongside older repertoire pieces and it this approach that builds character, confidence and respect: without this I would not be where I am today.”

Dane Hurst
Dancer and Choreographer, Rambert Dance Company

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I feel that Rambert School instilled a certain mentality in me as an artist. That to be a successful dancer, you must go beyond what you may think is good enough. You have to be an intelligent dancer, someone with diligence, determination, persistence and a certain understanding of who you are as an artist or who you would like to be.

Chloe Leong
Sydney Dance Company

Rambert School Alumni

Christopher Thomas, Choreographer, Sadler's Wells Young Associate (Rambert)

Christopher Bruce, Choreographer (Rambert)

Carys Staton, Dancer (Rambert)

Kym Sojourna, Dancer (Rambert)

Charlotte Edmonds, Choreographer (Rambert)

Mari Kamata, Dancer (Rambert)

Chloe Leong, Dancer (Rambert)

Christopher Powney, Artistic Director Royal Ballet School (Rambert)

Jonathan Goddard, Dancer & Choreographer (Rambert)

Christopher Adams, Dancer (Rambert)

Vanessa Kang, Dancer (Rambert)

Edward Pearce, Dancer (Rambert)

David Ledger, Dancer (Rambert)

Jessica Lyall, Dancer (Rambert)

Timothy Percent, Dancer (Rambert)

Adesola Akinleye, Dancer & Choreographer (Rambert)

Nicholas Keegan, Dancer & Choreographer (Rambert)

Daniel Squire, Dancer (Rambert)

Grace Jabbari, Dancer (Rambert)

Liam Mower, Dancer (Rambert)

Dane Hurst, Dancer & Choreographer (Rambert/Central)

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