Conservatoire bursaries (2011 entry)

Conservatoire bursaries (2011 entry)

The Conservatoire offers cash bursaries to UK resident undergraduate students attending any affiliate school who meet the requirements for the scheme. These are called ‘Conservatoire Bursaries’ and are available only to UK resident students new to higher education (ie those who have not previously completed a course of study at another institution). This scheme is offered in addition to any bursaries or other support currently offered by affiliate schools.

How much is the bursary?

The following table* shows how the value of your bursary is calculated. Our calculations take into account the value of your annual household income. The maximum bursary available may be reviewed, but will not be less than £1,000. *Please note that this information is for students who started a course in 2011. If you started your course in 2010, please click here.


You must be:
  • a UK resident (i.e. with indefinite leave to remain)
  • registered on an undergraduate course at one of the Conservatoire’s affiliate schools
  • new to higher education, meaning you must not have already completed a higher education programme at another university, college or a different affiliate school
  • eligible for, or in receipt of, a government maintenance grant or bursary (as outlined above).
Eligibility will be assessed by Student finance England, using information on the PN1 form, which you should complete before starting your course even if you do not wish to take out a loan. PN1 form and further information
Household Income Conservatoire Bursary per year
£25,000 or less £1,000
£25,001 - £26,589 £900
£26,590 - £28,178 £800
£28,179 - £29, 767 £700
£29, 768 - £31,356 £600
£31, 357 - £32,945 £500
£32,946 - £34,535 £400
£34,536 - £36,125 £300
£36,126 - £37,715 £200
£37, 716 - £39,305 £100

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