Student support

The Conservatoire schools have strong traditions of providing student care and support services and commit considerable resources to this purpose. Many students who are embarking on a course will be living away from home or abroad for the first time and may face a number of challenges during their training. We aim to provide the necessary services to help all students overcome these and ensure that the highest level of individual care is offered.

Services provided to students by the Conservatoire schools include:

  • medical support - access to GPs, specialists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, rheumatologists, laryngologists, often paid for by the schools
  • counselling - students can arrange to speak in confidence to a counsellor
  • housing - advice and support in finding suitable accommodation
  • learning support - support and assessment for dyslexic students and support for students whose second language is English
  • finance planning support - assistance with budgeting skills and financial management

The Conservatoire is currently working to develop a shared best practice in student support services amongst its schools. At the present time, if you would like specific information about the support that each of the individual institutions provides, you should contact the relevant school directly

Guide to Vocational Training

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