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Central School of Ballet

Image: Drew Forsyth

Why train with us?

If you choose to train at one of the Conservatoire’s schools, you will be accessing education and vocational training in the performing arts at the very highest level. All of the schools have international reputations in their fields and have trained some of the world’s leading figures in the performing arts.

The Conservatoire was founded to ensure that this level of training is accessible to anyone with talent and potential. If you train with us, we will provide you with opportunities to realise your potential as an artist or production professional, from your first audition or interview to your graduating performance and beyond. One of the many advantages of studying at a small specialist school is that aspects of your training can be tailored to your needs, and your teachers and tutors will know you by name. From the first day you will be training with people who share your passion for your chosen art-form.

Conservatoire training is vocational: it’s an immersive experience that is very different to studying at a regular university. Practice-based training is characterised by rigour, intensity, small class sizes and unparalleled access to the performing arts industry. It is physically, mentally and intellectually challenging. You will usually spend around 35 hours each week in contact with lecturers, directors, choreographers and other students. Much of this time will be spent in technique classes (whether this is classical ballet, contact improvisation, voice skills, learning how to operate a lighting rig or sewing techniques).

In some of the Conservatoire’s schools, assessed written work also contributes towards the successful achievement of the qualification, but work on repertoire and ultimately preparation for performance and performance itself are always central to the learning experience. The training is demanding, but all of the schools have strong traditions of providing student care and support services and invest considerable resources for this work, whilst the Conservatoire structure enables staff to share knowledge and practice.

Training at a Conservatoire school offers all the advantages of vocational training with the added benefit of a higher education framework. You will belong to a specialist school with a unique identity and ethos, with enhanced opportunities for collaboration in different disciplines and opportunities to access a wider network of young artists. You will not only be part of your school, but part of a world-leading conservatoire of eight schools.

To find out more about the courses on offer, please visit Courses.

To find out more about opportunities to get involved before higher education, please visit Routes into Training.

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