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Photo by Bertil Nilsson

Taught Degree Awarding Powers

The six Member Schools of the Conservatoire are working towards a Strategic Plan for 2013-2018. The first objective of this plan relates to obtaining Conservatoire degrees.

The Conservatoire and its schools have learning and teaching strategies that set out plans for the constant renewal of programmes to ensure professional relevance, connection with industry and a positive response to student feedback. For the period of this plan, the Conservatoire is focusing its work on one overarching objective that will have an impact on many areas of its work: to obtain Conservatoire degrees.

The Member schools have validating relationships with the University of Kent and the University of the West of England. Some of these relationships pre-date the Conservatoire’s existence. The Conservatoire and schools have benefitted from relationships that have extended beyond the act of validating programmes and offering awards and wish to maintain the connections. However, the time has come for the Conservatoire to pursue degree awarding powers in order to enhance the work of the Conservatoire schools, express confidence in the quality of their programmes and build a strong identity for conservatoire-level education and training:

“Objective 1: To deliver the organisational change and development necessary for the achievement of Taught Degree Awarding Powers thus offering students the opportunity to graduate with Conservatoire degrees, and to review the Conservatoire’s name to reflect the range of disciplines taught.”

The six Member Schools are currently working towards an application for taught-degree awarding powers, and will be consulting with students as part of this process.

This page will be updated as and when plans and timeframes are finalised.

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